Furphy Beer grows 300% in three years

on Wednesday, 09 August 2017. Posted in The Projects

Furphy Beer, named after the Furphy family of Shepparton, has taken Victoria by storm, growing 300 per cent year-on-year since launching in a few local Shepparton taps in 2014.

The beer’s popularity has seen Furphy head brewer Warren Pawsey and his team invest $20 million expanding their operation at Geelong’s Little Creatures brewery – including new tanks and increased production capacity – but even this may not keep up with demand.

When Furphy Beer was launched, one brew would supply five or six weeks’ demand, but now the brewery is producing 20 times more.

Little Creatures has found that Victorians in particular, have fallen in love with Furphy.

Mr Pawsey said that the appeal was the beer’s place as a midpoint between mainstream brews and some of the craft labels that drinkers may find too intimidating to delve into.

Furphy Beer Sam and Adam

“When we designed it, we wanted to make an easy-drinking beer that appealed to people — not that Little Creatures doesn’t, but Little Creatures have a lot of hops in them and for someone who’s used to drinking something more mainstream that's a big change,” he said.

“We were looking for something that was an easy step for people who were into mainstream beer.”

Furphy is now so popular in Victoria that any plans to expand interstate have had to be put on hold, as brewers fight just to keep up with local demand.

We always said it was made in Victoria for Victorians, and we’d be crazy to sell it anywhere else if we can’t supply Victoria,” Mr Pawsey said.

“Anything’s possible, but we’re struggling to keep up with Victoria right now, it’s becoming an adored brand here and you can’t be exporting it if someone here wants it.”

Furphy and Little Creatures marketing manager Ash Cranston said the brand was now “well and truly” on the way to becoming Victoria’s most beloved beer brand.

More information is available at the Furphy Beer website.

Caption for photo above right:  From left, Furphy Foundry Director, Sam Furphy and J Furphy and Sons Managing Director, Adam Furphy. Photo: Madeleine Caccianiga.

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